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02/11/2009 OTHERS

FUSHIMA S.L. is the first medium-sized company to introduce an Equality Plan in Cantabria

-Chasing and egalitarian culture-

The managing of companies is directly influenced by the changes which take place in the economic environment in which they develop their activity. The passing of the Law 3/2007 for the Effective Equality between Women and Men, from the 22nd of March, proposes a change in the managing of human resources; new practices which promote work equality.

According to the strategy carried out during 2009, Fushima commits itself to introducing an Equality Plan in accordance with the Law mentioned above, with the intention of respecting the established proportion of men and women in staff.

In fact Fushima has already incorporated high performance practices in human resources several years ago. Some examples are a plan for integration of new workers, egalitarian practices in screening processes, trainings, talent management, security and health management and work-family conciliation plans.

Now is time to capture all of these actions and those to be developed in the future under the Equality Plan promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Work and Social Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Equality, which has been sponsored by the Regional Work and Social Welfare Ministry.

Fushima has worked in the development of its Equality Plan during 6 months. This has been a laborious task, in which the consensus of all agents involved -management, Works Council and workers- was needed. The main steps for the introduction of the Equality Plan are the diagnosis of the company's initial situation -useful to reveal the future behaviour of the company with the workers-, and the implementation of measures of positive action. These measures together with the objectives make up the Equality Plan.

Although the development of the Equality Plan was finished in July 2009, the implantation stage and the commitment with continuous improvement will have no end date because equal treatment is an added value to the company's culture.

Fushima currently has 98 workers in its premises in Guarnizo. 38% of the staff are women and 62% are men. The company's desire is, and has always been, to grant men and women the same opportunities so that Fushima will be seen as an example of company in which all social agents can develop their work successfully.

One of the key subjects highlighted in the Equality Plan is the work-family conciliation, considered to be essential to increase satisfaction and maintain a healthy work atmosphere.

The Law is only binding on companies whose staff is over 250 workers, which is not the case of Fushima. Therefore, the voluntary implantation of the Equality Plan is considered a practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Fushima will receive an award for its commitment to Equality.
Furthermore, through the Equality Plan the company will obtain several internal benefits like the improvement of productivity and involvement of workers, the improvement of the company's competitiveness, the increase of innovation capacity and ability to adapt to change in the company and the creation of an egalitarian culture within the company.

Fushima makes decisions considering treatment equality and equal opportunities between man and men as a base and avoids any kind of gender discrimination.

Nowadays equality is part of the company's culture.


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