Our team of staff is Fushima´s main asset.

The high level of commitment of the more than 100 people who comprise Fushima, enables us to address the competitive demands of the global market with guarantees, while also having ongoing effort to create value that goes beyond economic results.

At Fushima we are proud to have a very low employee turnover. This offers an idea of the mutual commitment and loyalty that exists between the management and the employees.


Fushima is the first medium-sized company to implement an Equality Plan in Cantabria.

Fushima, has implemented an Equality Plan, and has currently achieved a balance between male and female workers; thus, with this practice we have managed to implement one of the the company´s wishes which entails providing the same opportunities to both men and women; so that Fushima offers society an example of a company where all the social agents can carry out their work successfully.

One of the study factors highlighted in the Equality Plan was reconciling family and working life, which was considered essential in order to increase satisfaction and maintain a healthy working environment.


Staff satisfaction, your opinion matters too.


Our objective is to have satisfied and committed workers, that is why there is a special concern for the satisfaction of staff.

Studies are regularly carried out on the working environment in order to encourage internal communication, detect needs and establish action plans aimed at improving the satisfaction of our employees.

Having motivated teams is the best guarantee of attaining good quality in the outcome of work, and their commitment helps to achieve objectives.


There are procedures, both individual and for groups, in order to convey and participate in the improvement of production process and in the environment of each job position, offering the chance to improve every day.


We commit to team work, at both a departmental and interdepartmental level. It is the best way for us to interact with one another with the ideas that we share.


For some time, Fushima has made decisions by taking equal treatment and opportunities between men and women into account, thus preventing any type of gender-based discrimination.


Balancing work and family life is an essential aspect of our company and we want  employees to have time to devote to and enjoy their families.

That is why the Fushima family enjoys a timetable that makes their working life compatible with their family life: The factory employees have a continuous work day, in both the factory and office.


Clarity, professional development and talent management.

Our employees contribute to the professional development of colleagues and collaborators via their personal experience. We put the interests of Fushima before personal interests. Fushima recognises the good ideas of employees, who participate in innovation and improvement initiatives with more than 120 ideas per year.


All Fushima employees are entitled and encouraged to participate in the training activities that are organised every year, both within the company as well as with external activities, including fun ones.